Sasha Keable

30 Oct

I stumbled upon Sasha Keable while listening to the Spotify playlist “Acoustic Soul” on shuffle. This is going to be something I say often, but I usually either give new songs either 5-10 seconds before I skip it or I skip around in the song listening to ~7 or 8 3-5 second snippets before I decide if I like the song or not. Don’t judge the process—there’s only but so much time in a day.

“Loyalty” was the first of her songs I listened to and as soon as the guitar intro ended and she started sanging (not singing, sanging), I knew I stumbled upon something special. Keable is a singer from London (specifically South London, though she is also of Colombian descent), and it goes without saying (though, I guess I will actually say it?) that London really produces some fire singers and songwriters. Keable lives up this reputation. 

Sasha’s voice is not one that features many high notes and complicated riffs and runs, though she does use them at times. What was most striking was the fullness of her voice and the smooth, jazzy sound it has. Also accompanying her voice is a slower than usual, extended and pronounced vibrato. Now, listen. I love me a good vibrato for some reason, and sis serves it. 

Sasha Keable is surely known within some circles, but the fact that Loyalty (the acoustic version, which is arguably better than the original version) only has 45,000 streams is a sin. And sure, one of her songs has 800k streams, but it’s the outlier. Give Ms. Keable her things. She is more than deserving. My good sis can sang (once again, “sang,” not “sing.”).