Buss Chest Chronicles Pt. 1

12 Nov

𝖂ell, beloved, ah gah tale today fo yo,

Dis is melee at my expense.

Before yo close yo eye dem toh guh rest 

Come see dis ‘tory bout mih first buss chest. 

Not nuh more than a decade ago

ih had dis woman wah I had really check for.

Ah run ah line on she, 

then couple more dih next day.

She said “yo gah lyrics!”

I said, “well what can I say?”

Couple night latah, ah went out to a jam;

dih plan was to whine lil bit, 

den guh geh a plate from Yam Yam. 

Ah enter dih place and who did I see?

Dih same woman I was tryn geh wid  just last week! 

Well, a riddim hold meh, 

and ah ask if she wan dance.

Ah wasn’t sure if she would agree, but ah had to tek a chance. 

Well to my surprise, she did say yes,

she said “leh we guh see, which ah we does whine dih best.” 

Still to dis day, ah sure ah neva see a whine suh sweet,

and das part of why it hurt so much when ah find out she was a cheat. 

But tis a lot more to this story

ah jumpin a lil too far ahead.

Come back lil latah to find out 

how life tun from chess game

to hard cyaad instead.