Buss Chest Chronicles, Pt. 2

14 Nov

𝖂elcome back toh a ‘tory bout meh strife.

One about dih worst buss chest ah ever feel in meh life.

Last part end talking 

bout dih sweetest whine eva.

Ih was so sweet, I almost ask 

if she would be mine foreva!

Suh now jam done, 

and is time toh guh home

I ask her if I could please get 

the number for her phone.

Fast forward a year now, and we deh together since then.

And das why I was a lil confused 

when she introduce me to her coworkers as her friend! 

But I didn’t worry too much 

and I didn’t pay it no mind.

Well mih dear, dis yah story just shows 

That love truly is blind. 

So one day mih gyul friend, Margaret,

tell me she have to go Rock to work for two or three days.

She tell me she stayin up in a hotel

Over by Magen’s Bay. 


I said “okay,”

and I said “have a blast.”

Little did I know,

she had something for meh rass. 

Suh now ah gon in town 

to guh to dih bakery.

And ah run into meh friend

who born and raise 

in Charlotte Amalie. 

I tell he bout Margaret and her work 

and the hotel she gon to stay.

Dih same one dah deh right over

by Magen’s Bay. 

He watch me for a second 

and seh “ah gah some news for you, boss.

That hotel been close down 

since Irma and Maria pass!” 

Well, lemme tell you 

I ain never been so confused. 

Because if dah hotel close, 

then....no dah can’t be true.. 

Sorry to say, though, 

dat dih story must tek a pause.

Come back lil latah for the conclusion

to dih cocobay on top ah yaws.