Buss Chest Chronicles Pt. 3

25 Nov

𝖂elcome back one and all

To dis very somber tale

Of love and of loss,

Of a buss chest and of betrayal.

Last time we learn 

about Margaret and dih close down hotel.

Dat was dih fuss lie,

and it really hurt like hell!

So anyway, Margaret come back from her trip, 

and she seh she had a blast. 

She tell me bout how nice dih hotel was—

she was talkin’ out her ass! 

Well, mih dear 

ah never feel such a pain in mih heart.

But ah promise, beloved, 

this was not dih worst part. 

She went to dih stove

and start to cook up some food.

Ah couldn’t help but wonder

why Margaret was in such a good mood. 

She cook up a spread.

Seasoned rice and macaroni,

Stew chicken and stuffing. 

Dih stew chicken wasn’t suh tasty,

it was more like stew chicken cousin. 

Now here is dih part wah really upset me,

dih ting wah confirm something was wrong.

When ah see dis yah,

ah start to write mih own buss chest song.

Because yo see, Margaret fry some Johnny cake

and place dem down on a plate near dih sink.

Tell me why when I look ova,

All I see is Johnny cake with Gucci Link! 

Well. I ask her why she make it suh, 

Because the Johnny cake dem was well flat.

She seh “wah you mean? 

Is you tell me you like dem like dat.” 

Misson, mih whole world shatter

and mih belly start to feel sour. 

Because, yo see, I couldn’t tell her that,

since I always been allergic to white flour. 

Buh ah keep it together long enough 

to ask her about her hotel stay.

She tell me bout how nice it was 

and how pretty ih was staying by Magen’s Bay.

Suh ah tell her how interesting dat is

and if ah look like ah name Clown.

Ah tell her bout how ah find out

dih hotel still close down. 

I ain never hear a room suh quiet.

Yo coulda hear Margaret heart stop.

Das why ih had sound so loud 

when dih pot spoon in her hand drop. 

Margaret had start trying to explain 

buh den she start cryin.

She tell me she sorry and ask for forgiveness 

and apologize toh me for lyin.

Chile, by dah point 

ah didn’t want to hear it. 

Meen bawl or nuttin,

buh ah also couldn’t grin and bear it. 

To her surprise, ah didn’t yell or scream,

ah had a very calm approach.

Ah tell her to leave mih house now

and her clothes deh in a suitcase on dih porch.

She ask me where she gon go 

and ah seh ah hope she could walk wid speed.

Because she only have about 45 minutes 

before dih last Seaplane leave. 

Ah geh deal all kind of cyaad

like it was a game of Solitaire.

She even mek me guh to church

and ask God why He treat me suh unfair.

Dis ‘tory don’t have no message,

except dat sometimes love does sting. 

Sometimes they does treat yo like a Joker

no matter how much they call you a King. 

Beloved, dis buss chest yah,

ah wouldn’t wish it on mih enemy or mih friend.

And now dat ah geh to tell mih tale,

wheel bend and story end.